Saturday, September 25, 2010

An Introduction

I am almost embarrassed to write this.
Not because I am embarrassed about my depression; I was the poster child for childhood depression all through high school.
I am kinda embarrassed to be writing this because of...well... hipsters.
You know, hipster blogs that chronicle every detail of the the author's humdrum lives, laden with angst and haughty references to obscure media?
Well, okay, I don't really know any actual blogs like that but isn't that what everyone thinks of when they hear that some one has a blog? I know I do.
But here is the thing: there isn't a lot of information for women who are suffer from depression and are trying to have a family, and though I have found one blog on bipolar pregnancy, depression and bipolar can be pretty different, so why not start my own, right? The trick is to write about depression without sending readers into a downward spiral into a never-ending pit of despair.
Fortunately, my depression right now is manageable. I have been treated for depression since I was in junior high, so my coping skills are pretty well honed, and I am through the bulk of the medication maze, though there are adjustments now that I'm trying to get knocked up. That's the tricky part, right? The hormones, the identity issues, the weight: it can be a lot to keep perspective on. Everyone knows that pregnant ladies are crazy anyway, right? Then add that I am kind of neurotic to begin with: this is going to be quite a trip.

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