Friday, April 8, 2011

Sleeping on it

Hey, so you know what I did?  I went to a sleep clinic and had a sleep study done.  This is a big thing for me because, as with many things in my life, while I adore sleeping- seriously, like one of my top 5 favorite things to do- I am not very good at it.  I scream a lot, and kick a lot and thrash my arms around.  I am sure that this makes me a relatively unique bed partner, but being unconscious for the whole thing, I wouldn't really know; DH says he is used to it now.
     Anyway, I have basically spent my entire life really tired, and to some degree resigned myself to that reality.  I know I probably should have taken a sleep study earlier, but, well, you know how I feel about doctors.  So, I went on living my life, souped up on caffeine, pondering the possibility of  injecting coffee into my blood stream directly, and  insisting to people that I really I do not have high energy but I need to keep moving so I do not fall asleep.  Then my new psychiatrist tells me that I absolutely have to try this neurologist she saw for her sleep problems, that he is a genius, blah blah. And I was like, okay, maybe I can write a blog entry about it.
     It was fine.  The test itself was fine; the bed was super comfy, I could watch TV until I felt sleepy, and the little electrodes they attached to my head, face, arms and legs were not actually to uncomfortable.
The consult afterward was not terrible, but I am not sure that I agree that the neurologist is a genius just yet, and that in and of itself is a little disappointing.  (I always have such high hopes...)  So according to my doctor I have a few things going on, that are really common for people with depression.  First and foremost, I have RBD, REM Behavioral disorder.  It is a disorder that essentially means I act out my dreams in my sleep and the doctor suggests it may be a result of the medication I am taking.  This already started sounding a little questionable to me because I have always thrashed, cried and shouted in my sleep, even as a baby; it can't just be from my medications.
     Anyway, since I obviously am not going off my medications, (I have resumed my meds ever since the little incident during my potential miscarriage in January) the doctor suggested I try clonazepam.
     Yeah, that's not gonna work.  First of all, clonazepam is a big no-no for pregnant ladies.  Plus, clonazepam and I are not friends.  I tired it in high school and it really only makes me ridiculously tired; not the kind of help I am looking for.
     So, the other problem my doctor noticed was sleep apnea; a very mild one.  I think I stop breathing like every four times an hour.  In order to fix this minor problem, the doctor suggested I wear SCUBA gear while sleeping.  Okay, not actually SCUBA gear, its actually called a CPAP, but it certainly looks like SCUBA gear, and definitely makes sounds like Darth Vader.
My first question: does it come with accompanying lingerie?
      It thrusts air down your nose and mouth while you are sleeping, and though I know people who swear by it, I cannot even imagine wearing something like that and being able to sleep.  There is an alternative device that is a little mouth piece you sleep with, but it will cost us almost $2,000 after the insurance pays its portion, and then it is only likely to sure 70% of my apnea at maximum.  Ick.
     So, I need to go back and talk to the guy I guess.  I mean- is it really worth it if my big problem is the RBD?  We'll see.
     Anybody out there use the CPAP or the mouth piece?  What did you think?

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