Sunday, November 28, 2010

Depression and Work: To disclose or not to disclose

So I read this article at CNN, and I thought it was particularly interesting.  When I first started work, I would tell everybody about my depression, but that has kind of back fired on me.  I know that our society is supposed to be enlightened about any and all differences, but I think that most people would acknowledge that is more of an ideal than a reality.  Actually I gather that sometimes my behavior can be such that people figure that I have something a little off.  I once had an episode at work, and later a co-worker asked me what I "have" and what medications I use because she thought maybe her daughter had it too.  That was a little hard to take, but well, what are you gonna do?  Even after the episode, I didn't tell my boss.  I let her think what she was gonna think apologized and changed my meds.
Additionally, for me, anyone can Google my name and come up with all kinds of references of me singing about my depression from the rooftops.  So, I guess I can skip the whole disclosure thing.  While I think I pass off as one of those normal people everyone keeps hearing about, if anyone did think maybe I was crazy, they certainly wouldn't have any trouble finding out.
How about you?  Do you tell your boss or co-workers?

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