Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Don't call me a liar

     Ugh!  I take it all back.  Months ago I wrote a response to an article regarding medication and the authentic self: it was all a lie.
     Okay, it wasn't a lie exactly; I still stand by what I said about your authentic self being the best version of yourself, even if that means your medicated-self.  And you definitely should look for a medication that makes you good because no one should have to feel drugged just to manage their daily lives.  There are way too many drugs out there that for anyone to have to suffer.  That's what I said and I really do believe it.
     Here's what I didn't say though: finding the right medication sucks.
     Right now I am on 90mg of Cymbalta and my mood is fantastic.  It is completely responsible for pulling me out of depression: a feat which Risperdol, nor Abilify nor Serequil could manage.  But it is not perfect.  Most notably, it gives me a really bad stomach ache about an hour after I take it.  I've tried taking it with food, I've tried taking it at night: nothing works.  So, each day we have a one hour period where I stalk around with the stance, temperament and vocalization pattern of a mountain gorilla, all while LO presumably licks the bottom of the dishwasher or something.
     If I were to follow my own advice I would be harassing my doctor to come up with something that did not force me to channel Animal Planet, and yet, the pattern continues.
     Experimenting with medication means wrestling with all kinds of potential side effects including weight gain and mood swings, and headaches, and muscle tension, or insomnia, or exhaustion, ontop of which the darm medication probably will not work as well.  I mean, I have been trying to find the perfect medication since I was ELEVEN and this one works good enough, so...
I mean, if in three years LO begins beating her chest to warn her nursery school classmates that she feels threatened, then I suppose I'll look into what my other options are.

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  1. You is funny!! The other mother. :D