Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Postpartum Recovery

     Have you found Postpartum Progress yet?  If not, you definitely need to go check it out: it is a fantastic resource for all things PPD.  Recently they posted a really thought provoking article about how things are better with your second child after postpartum depression.  Now, the truth is that if you had PPD with your first child, you have a fifty-fifty chance of getting it again with your second (as opposed to a one in ten chance if you have never experienced PPD before), but as this article points out, there are a lot of things that make PPD easier the second time around.
     One of the best parts for me was at the very end of the article:
"If you’re having another baby, or thinking about it, chances are you’ve recovered from your first experience with postpartum depression."
     I read that and I thought to myself, "Oh my Gosh, I have recovered from postpartum depression.  How fun!"
     And it is fun.
     I love having LO around; she is so cute and funny and she grows so fast.
     Granted, it is also boring, and lonely, and obnoxious, and sort of mind-numbing, but thankfully I am no longer haunted by these thoughts that I am trapped, or that I made this horrible mistake by having a child.  I don't think that we should give her up for adoption.  I don't have horrific visions of her death.  I am sad when Erik leaves for work, but I don't panic anymore.  I have friends I can call and places I can go to get some company.
     So, if you found this article and are suffering with raising your baby: hang in there.  Things really do get better.

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